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Screening at WorldFest-Houston

April 24, 2016

Last weekend, “The Adventures of Paul and Marian” screened at WorldFest-Houston.

WorldFest has quite the history. This was their 49th year. One of the oldest independent film festivals out there, WorldFest claims to have discovered filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, Brian de Palma, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, David Lynch and the Coen Brothers.

Cinematographer/Producer Alan McIntyre Smith and actor Ramona Floyd (“La Junta”) joined me for the trip.

Our movie played on a giant 75-foot screen, in a beautiful theater with a great sound system, so we were finally able to showcase the great visuals and sound mix to their fullest extent. The movie plays just beautifully in front of an audience. I could really feel how much the audience was with us throughout the entire movie. I have rarely been so proud of a cast and crew than I was that night, watching the movie in a real movie theater and listening to the audience while they laughed, gasped, and cheered.

After the screening, several people came up to us for autographs and pictures. One person told me he’s been coming to WorldFest for 22 years, and our movie is one of the best he’s seen there. Over the next several days we ran into people who had all sorts of good things to say about it.

I was asked to be part of the indie filmmakers panel the next day, and people just couldn’t believe that we shot this movie in only 10 days with such minimal resources. A¬†Chinese director we met told me “you must be geniuses” and introduced me to people throughout the rest of the festival as “a genius who shot a feature in 10 days.”

WorldFest-Houston is known for their Remi awards. We won the platinum Remi for an independent feature, one of the top awards at the festival.

As any true indie filmmaker knows, it’s a real marathon to get an independent movie out into the world. It was such an honor and a relief to have this movie recognized at Houston WorldFest after so much time. Here’s to more screenings to come.


Cinematographer and co-producer Alan McIntyre Smith and Writer/Director/Producer Jay Stern show off their Platinum Remi award.


Director selfie with star Ramona Floyd